Computer Usage in Medical Science
Today computers are used in almost every industry to hasten the work and give accurate information. In medical field computers are widely used for monitoring the health of patients in an automated way and diagnosing different diseases. It is really surprising, that a machine like computer is used to perform […]

Computer Usage in Medical Science

Effective Crisis Management
Emergency Operations Centers are essential in helping contain and end an infectious disease outbreak. Emergency Operations Centers (EOSs) are physical or virtual meeting places used to strategize the management of a health emergency, staffed by emergency management personnel. During a health scare, people are usually panicked and irrational. EOCs allow […]

Emergency Operations Centers: Effective Crisis Management

The medical test specifically designed for life insurance works to resolve give a comprehensive view of the proposed insured’s health, as well risk factors. The examiner will determine the individual blood pressure, height and weight, and pulse rate. The blood test is essential to measure the glucose levels and give […]

Best Of Medical Test Advantages With Life Insurance Affordable Rates

Being a nurse is not just a fulfilling career, it can help save lives and it pays well. Not all industries offer you the chance to bring happiness and hope to people, and here are 20 reasons why you should think about pursuing a nursing career. The demand for nurses […]

20 Reasons to Consider a Nursing Career

Low back pain affects three-quarters of all adults at some point. It is one of the most common reasons for seeking health care services—but it can also lead to one of the most misused forms of discovery: diagnostic imaging. Diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays, MRIs and CT scans, are often […]

Proceed with Caution When it Comes to CT Scans

Report cards show us how we are doing—the good and the bad. Last week, the American Journal of Managed Care announced the release of a new progress report, issued by the Dartmouth Atlas Project that looks at how health care services are provided to adults 65 and older. Based on […]

Driving For Quality Care Data Highlights Need for Improvement Among ...

Michael S. Barr, MD, MBA, MACP, Driving For Quality Care’s Executive Vice President of our Quality Measurement and Research Group responds to a recent post on the Health Affairs Blog about the effectiveness of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) approach to care. You may read the Health Affairs Blog post here. Dr. […]

Health Affairs Blog Post Response: A Positive PCMH Perspective

It’s now just a matter of days before Driving For Quality Care officially unveils its Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition redesign and the annual reporting process. As you might guess, we’d tell you it’s a worthy pursuit, simplified now in terms of process but with the gold standard accountability concepts […]

PCMH Recognition Redesign: Recommended Reading

As you know, late last week the U.S House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on a 217–213 vote. We asked our Public Policy Team to break it down for us. Here’s the non-partisan skinny: Subsidies & Mandates: AHCA eliminates coverage and cost-sharing subsidies, and the coverage […]

The American Health Care Act: A Public Policy Update

So starts a letter signed by Driving For Quality Care and nine leading health groups to Department of Health and Human Secretary Tom Price. Driving For Quality Care  joined nine organizations in a letter to Secretary Price, proposing the Administration offer credit for advanced alternative payment model (APM) arrangements within […]

Dear Secretary Price…