20 Reasons to Consider a Nursing Career

Being a nurse is not just a fulfilling career, it can help save lives and it pays well. Not all industries offer you the chance to bring happiness and hope to people, and here are 20 reasons why you should think about pursuing a nursing career.

  1. The demand for nurses is high, and according to the Health Resources Services Administration, there will be a greater need for nursing professionals by 2020.
  2. Nurses are paid well with the average nurse making an annual income of $52,000, experienced professional and those who specialize in certain fields earn as much as $72,000.
  3. Nurses can seek employment in all kinds of establishments including educational institutions, home care facilities, and government institutions.
  4. Nurses can opt for a flexible schedule and choose the shift they prefer. Nursing can last from four to 12 hours every day.
  5. Nurses can leave a big mark on a person’s life. Patients consider nurses who look after them and empathize with them as their guardian angels.
  6. Nurses interact with doctors, hospital staff, patients, and pretty much everyone else in their workplace.
  7. Being a nurse is never a boring profession. You need to be quick on your feet, learn from experience, and boredom is rarely a problem.
  8. You have various paths in career advancement. You can pursue higher education and consider programs like Maryville’s BSN to DNP degree program or enroll in medical school to be a doctor.
  9. Nurses can choose their specialty within the healthcare industry depending on their skills, preferences, and tolerance.
  10. Nurses can work wherever they want since they have portable skills.
  11. You can do your job even if you have no tools or you are outside the clinic. Nurses, like doctors, can work even outside their work areas. In fact, medical professionals are handy when there’s a crisis or an accident.
  12. Qualifying as a practical nurse is easy. While working as a practical nurse, you can continue your studies to be a registered nurse.
  13. Being a nurse allows you to advise people on proper hygiene. This career makes it possible for you to help poor localities and educate them on proper sanitation practices which can save them from various diseases.
  14. There’s always a chance to earn better when you pursue higher studies or become a medical degree holder.
  15. As a nurse, you can respond to emergencies while you are with family and friends. Your knowledge as a nurse could be advantageous if something happens at home especially if you have kids.
  16. You get to work with top talents in the medical field without having to complete 12 to 14 years of education. In just two to four years, you can assist other medical professionals in the industry.
  17. Nurses are not liable for malpractice the same way doctors are. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can be careless with your job.
  18. Nurses can bond with their patients and build eternal friendships. Being a nurse allows you to meet all kinds of people who could touch your life.
  19. You can change your field of specialty anytime you want. Nurses are more flexible as to their specialty compared to doctors since shifting from the children’s ward to the emergency room will only require some hands-on experience and orientation.
  20. A nursing career costs less than being a doctor. Your student loans are lower compared to doctors who are required to finish a degree and specialize.