Off to Chicago! It seems like the entire Driving For Quality Care team is headed for the Windy City for the PCMH Congress.  You may be on your way too.  For those who really care about boosting the value of their investment in patient-centered care, this is the big event.  There […]

PCMH Congress: Off to Chicago!

Today marks a genuine step forward in the effort to measure health care quality in a coordinated and coherent way. The Core Quality Measures Collaborative announced it’s developed a framework for the future. The group  that includes a number of quality improvement organizations including Driving For Quality Care has formed a […]

Core Measures: We Have Quality Consensus

In the July 28, 2016 New England Journal of Medicine, Blumenthal et. al. identified improving care for high-need, high-cost patients as an urgent priority. We agree that understanding diversity, identifying programs that offer high quality and lower cost and speeding implementation are critical next steps. At Driving For Quality Care […]

New England Journal of Medicine: It’s Time to Transform Care ...

Happy Heart Health Month! Driving For Quality Care is celebrating Heart Health Month and your health plan! Good health plans—often, the key to heart health—are worth celebrating. What makes a good health plan? There are many factors, and they fall into three categories: consumer satisfaction, prevention and treatment. For example, […]

Celebrating Heart Health Month and Your Health Plan!

There’s a reason you don’t see many offers like this on Craig’s List or eBay. In reference materials and in health care, people tend to value comprehensive coverage that goes from A to Z. Integrated care consists of comprehensive coverage and coordination across a spectrum of organizations. From skilled nursing […]

What Role Does LTSS Play in Integrated Care?

One of the most efficient—and data rich—ways to gather feedback on the patient experience, a PCMH requirement, is through formal patient satisfaction surveys. That said, the survey process (from design and methodology to what to do with the gathered information) can be as complicated as our health care system—unless you come […]

PCMH Pointers: Do’s and Don’ts of Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Driving For Quality Care has a long history of developing products and programs to meet identified needs in health care — It’s how we drive quality. We are proud to continue that stewardship with a new guide for organizations that assist the most vulnerable among us: the elderly and the disabled. […]

Helping Those Who Help Others – A Roadmap to Success

Making the most efficient and effective use of the healthcare system is among the most debated and discussed topics in society today. Careers in health administration are an excellent opportunity for people with a knack for efficient and effective management and the heart and spirit for helping others.  Although a career […]

Why Health Administration Can Be a Great Career Option